How Silman’s Reassess your chess changed my understanding of chess


How Silman’s Reassess your chess changed my understanding of chess

Reassess your chess in the ChessBase India shop:!/How-to-Reassess-Your-Chess-%E2%80%93-4th-Edition-Chess-Mastery-Through-Im…

Reassess your chess in the ChessBase India shop:!/How-to-Reassess-Your-Chess-%E2%80%93-4th-Edition-Chess-Mastery-Through-Imbalances-Jeremy-Silman/p/144377230/category=36515097

Have you ever felt after the first few moves of the game that I am unable to come up with a good plan in the position? Do you sometimes feel clueless and start to make random moves, that cause more harm to your position than do you good? Well, then the Reassess your Chess by Jeremy Silman is the just right book for you.

Through his unique method of finding imbalances in the position, Jeremy Silman helps you to understand how to create plans in any given position. In this video IM Sagar Shah explains how this book helped him as a chess player when he first read it back in 2007.

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Video: Sagar Shah

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